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Written by David Boyd   
Wednesday, 31 December 2008 20:22

The Bishop

Name Bishop
Type SP Artillery
Production Date March 1942
Total Production 149
Crew 3
(In turret) 2
Length 18'-9.7”
Width 9'1-1”
Height 9'-0.5”
Weight 17.5
Ground pressure 11.48
Ground clearance 8”
Track type Stamped
No per track 102
Weight of one Track 1825
Track width 14”
Engine AEC Diesel
B.H.P/Ton 7.7
Max road speed 15
Average road speed 13
Gear box type 22 Clash
Gears 5 Forward 1 Reverse
Fuel consumption (road) – MPG  
Fuel consumption (cross country)  
Petrol/Oil capacity  
Auxiliary capacity  
Radius of action (road)  
Radius of action (cross country)  
Trench Crossing  
Vertical obstacle  
Fording height  
Main Armament 25 Pounder
Ammunition 32
Secondary Armament -
Ammunition -
Transverse type Hand (4)
Max elevation 15
Max depression 5
Turret Ring Size -
Lower Hull Nose 60(I.T.80)
Upper Hull Nose 30(I.T.80)
Hull Front 60(I.T.80)
Hull Sides  50(I.T.80)
Hull Rear Lower 60(I.T.80)
Hull Rear Upper 17(I.T.70)
Hull Roof (Front) 20(I.T.80)
Engine Deck 10(I.T.70)
Hull Floor Front (Hull front forward) 20(I.T.80)
Hull Floor Rear 7(I.T.100)


Production of Bishop SP by year (UK Only)

  1941 1942 1943 1944
Bishop SP - 136 13 -

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