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Chart Size Chart Quality Show Projectile Shattering Projectile Target
Chart assumes target is in the centre with the front at 0°
Red: Areas where penetration is likely to occur
Orange: Areas where penetration can occur but is unlikely
Green: Areas where penetration will not occur
Yellow: Areas where the projectile may shatter and fail to penetrate
A note on accuracy and interpretation:

The subject of projectiles verses tank armour is extremely complex and it would be impossible to simulate every variable with 100% degree of accuracy. While attempts have been made to make the charts as realistic as possible there are many variables which are not included, for example quality issues - every projectile and piece of armour will behave differently and in some instances where armour or projectile quality is extremely poor the effects can be significiant - for example a flawed plate on a Tiger tank captured in North Africa resisted like 64mm of armour instead of the 80mm expected.

Another important area that has not been included is edge effects, a projectile striking an armour plate close to edges or holes in the armour has a higher probability of penetrating. A good example of this is the glacis on some Shermans , a 51mm plate sloped at 55 degrees should in theory resist German 75mm projectiles at most ranges. However in early Shermans the glacis considered of several different plates so any hits near the edges of these plates would have a greater probability of penetrating thus the plate could be defeated at greater ranges. Areas around vision blocks, holes for optics and machine guns would be more easily defeated.

Rounded mantlets - Currently the calculator does not take the effect of a rounded manlet into consideration as hits may occur at very favorable angles (0) or very unfavourable angles (60+), it is planned to allow users to input a favorable or unfavourable hits at some point.

Currently the calculator includes data for Germany, USA and UK. Soviet, Japanese and Italian projectiles and vehicles will be added next followed by French (depending on the data being available).

Any questions, comments or suggestions would be greatly aprecated (contact form on WWIIEquipment site).