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Wednesday, 31 December 2008 19:57

The Matilda Infantry Tank (A.11)

Matilda Mk I Infantry Tank (A.11.)

The Matilda was designed by Vickers and was offered to the War Office in early 1936, it had a 60mm armour basis, a speed of around 7mph and weighed 11 tons, its armament consisted of a single machine gun. The first production orders were given in April 1937 and by the outbreak of war 67 Matildas had been delivered. They were sent to continent and fought in the Battle of France were the limitations which had been clearly seen before the war were clearly illustrated. The Matilda's only real redeeming feature was it's thick armour, although thinner than the Matilda II it still offered immunity to German tank and anti-tank guns. The tracks were very exposed and were targets for German gunners, the single machinegun armament was found to be exceedingly lacking, as one Matilda driver stated "they were stupidly armed". After the fall of France the Matilda was relegated to training duties and the production order of 100 vehicles was completed in July 1940.


Name Matilda
Type Infantry
Crew 2
(In turret) 1
Length 16'-4"
Width 7'-9"
Height 7'-9"
Weight 11
Ground pressure 9.7
Ground clearance  
Track type  
No per track  
Weight of one Track  
Track width 11.5"
Engine Ford V8
B.H.P 6.35
Max road speed 8
Average road speed  
Gear box type Ford Clash  
Gears   4
Fuel consumption (cross country)  
Petrol capacity  
Auxiliary capacity  
Radius of action (road) 84
Radius of action (cross country)  
Trench Crossing  
Vertical obstacle  
Fording height  
Main Armament .303 Vickers or .5 Vickers
Transverse type   
Max elevation  
Max depression  
Turret Ring Size 34.1
Turret Front 60
Front Hull 60
   Sides 60

Production of Matilda Tanks (UK Only) 

  Pre-War Sep-Dec 1939 1940 1941
Matilda I 67 39 21 -


Sources - AVIA 46 188, AVIA 22 456-514, WO 194

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