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Written by Mike Reese   
Saturday, 13 February 2010 22:40
Thickness of armor is given as 22(I.T.80). I assume 22 is the thickness in mm. What does the I.T. number represent? Angle or armor hardness, etc.? By the way. The crew layout in the article is wrong. The 5-man crew had 1 man in the hull, the driver, and 4 men in the turret. It had two loaders. Like the Firefly the hull LMG position was removed to provide added ammunition storage. It also had a lengthened Cromwell chassis with one extra road wheel. If I am reading the numbers right your listing shows about 90mm (89mm) with the combined basic and applique armor to the front hull and 55mm for the Hull upper nose (did the Applique apply to the lower Hull nose too?). Turret Front was 102mm Mantlet and 88mm Turret Front, 40mm turret side and rear. Hope I have that right. I am looking at the FOW Challenger armor figures and trying to determine if they are correct. I thought they weren't but it looks like they are due to the applique.
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